Work At Home Money Making Business Ideas



Most companies provide you with a website that you need to pay a monthly rate for until you are at a certain level.

Not only does this website have a monthly fee, it uses the company's domain name (website address), there is no access to the code and it is often not optimized for the search engine rankings and branding needed to best market you.

Most companies tell you to contact your family and friends.

If you do not feel comfortable soliciting your new business to family and friends or have very few to contact, then what does the company then tell you to do? They suggest that you start calling business opportunity leads. In most cases, they have higher costing premium leads to sell you or have specific companies that they refer to you. There is none or very little talk of generating your own leads at that point because they want to help you reach promotional "goals" within the company. This will of course provide you with a bonus, so you do what they tell you to do. They will also give you information on how to set up Google Adwords campaigns to compliment what you are doing. At this point in time, those who are new to the Internet do not have a personal website address and are using the website address from the company. All of the search engine rankings are going to the company website. Part of the branding strategy behind having a personal website domain is lost because the potential customers see the company name in the link they provide to you. They do not explain that you get a heck of a lot of "click thru" opposed to sign ups. Instead they excite you by showing traffic stats. It can be money down the drain for quite sometime until you learn how to best use pay-per-click advertising. Meanwhile, their website and business is getting most of the branding and traffic benefits. DO NOT JUMP IN AND FOLLOW THIS ADVICE UNTIL YOU LEARN HOW TO MARKET WITH GOOGLE ADWORDS. Why should you? If your company offers Google Adwords training, still take your time before proceeding because this method of marketing your business can make or break your budget. You will first want to do your research and compare what you learn with other resources and advice from others using Google Adwords, too.

Most companies have more than one registration level, and most do not include the expense of marketing.

OK, we have to get serious here. All business types have a cost. You can calculate some of that with "sweat equity" (your time in handling what you can do yourself opposed to paying others) or you can calculate the rest in trade and cash. That is business and also what you need to understand when joining an expensive, cheap or free business opportunity, as well as in starting the planning for your own work at home idea. There is the expense of time and / or money. Point blank!

Work at home companies often have more than one registration level and we are encouraged to take the most expensive one because it is packaged so that it should best benefit you. If you are on pace with their business plan, then the most common benefit of the more expensive registration option is the monetary bonus received per advancement level in the company. The second is that you will develop a business where others join at that level. The third is whatever is offered as perks, discounts and products, etc. There is no discussion of marketing expenses at this time, it is all about the company and how you choose to do business. Meanwhile, most people do not know enough about the company, business itself, the marketing entailed or understand the compensation structure enough to make an informed decision for themselves.