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Well, here I am again. Several months have passed and I am just remembering this website. I am not sure what the problem is because my other sites have been updated through the months. Maybe it is psychological because this is a free site built to test the Weebly website builder. There is no excuse either way and that is what this blog post is about ... being consistent. Whether you are blogging, social networking, distributing information offline or whatever you need to do in order to grow your business, it has to get done and you need to be consistent with on going tasks. Imagine how far you could have been by now had you remained consistent to your business and with marketing.

Here are some tips ...

1) Schedule when you are going to blog, post advertisements, etc AND stick with it.

2) Refrain from checking email throughout the day so that you can work consistently.

3) Block out times when you need no interruptions, so that you can complete tasks.

I have been promoting Orange Leads for a few months. It has been one of the best list builders, leads and advertising services that I have used in this time. I have 1824 total downline members and about 420 on my first level. I am expecting at least $350 - $400 residual for my next payment, but it could very well be more since I am due from my Alert Pay clients as well. Orange Leads is just an all around GREAT program that is helping so many people with free advertising and leads for their business opportunities,. It is also helping us who want to generate multiple streams of residual income between what we are already promoting and the Orange Leads Premium Memberships. This is a free service and the upgrade is not a requirement to use the service, though does provide additional advertising advantages and the potenial to earn more with the program. Soon the retail bucks will launch and the Orange Leads members can make more money. BTW - Orange Leads is not a MLM. It is a business opportunity leads & advertising community. Just good old fashioned single opt-in leads, viral marketing & business networking.


Had a call with a leader in Escape International (IBO code: 521315) this evening. He is offering to train up to 100 members of our team in becoming Directors within 90 days. This totally rocks because I was top recruiter for my team last month and could really use the support. Plus, who couldn't use coaching from an expert in their business. This is going to  help my business partners accomplish their goals much faster and is so exciting for me.

We are also adding another specialty store to our Aisle19 online shopping mall. It is a "fair mortgage program" and now makes an additional service for the Aisle19 customers and an additional income stream for the Independent Business Owners. So, not only do we have almost 700 stores paying cash back, we also have the three stores paying the 20% instant cash back, commissions and dollar for dollar bonus volume to us (skin care, nutritional products & discount travel) and then the two commissioned stores (digital products and mortgage) providing discounts and dollar for dollar with us.

This is such an VERY EXCITING time to be a part of this company.

I cannot wait until all comes together for everyone on my team.


Finished setting up this Business Social Network for Entrepreneurs, Online Marketers & Business Leaders. I am now trying to decide whether I should charge a one time membership fee or advertising space. What do you think? I am trying to keep the site as spam free and comfortable as possible. The site ranks well for Business Social Network.


Just getting back to adding content to all of the main pages. The holidays had taken some time and creativity from me, but this is the 2009 New Year and goals for success are in place. I am looking forward to adding all of my tested resources for you.


Welcome to Need To Make Money Working From Home. This website was designed with both seasoned and new work at home professionals in mind, though also really clarifies what anyone needs to think about when starting a business / working from home. Look forward to your input - tools and resources suggestions, too.